First Blog

Hello and welcome to my first blog.

Who am I? Well I am Neil Glendinning a director of Gorgeous Touch and a home accessories and furniture store. But I’m not just that cause I also have a day job working in clinical research, as a husband and as a dad. Where does my passion lie though well that’s easy it’s my life with my wonderful wife and business partner Claire,  her passion….well its safe to say that we wouldn’t be the directors of a successful local business in home accessories and furniture if it wasn’t for her passion. She is so passionate about interior design and all of our products, she can see the potential in almost anything. I try and push her as much as I can and I would love more and more customers to use her eyes for interior design because every project I or others have seen they have loved. She really puts her heart and soul into interior projects you only have to see our store and know what it was like before we moved to it to understand that, just like all women she can make something out of nothing.

Currently we are now into our 6th month and we are going from strength to strength, our online presence is starting to get noticed. Only recently were we contacted by Vogue magazine who loved the products and what we stood for, we were in the months after magazine and to date that was one of our highlights. Well now Vogue may have to step aside because, TVs Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen contacted Claire recently and told her that he loved our crushed velvet Chaise ( so much so that he wanted to use it for a film he is making for ITV’s This Morning. ITV have now been and collected our chaise that was on show in our store giving Claire another chance to work her magic and move everything around and display everything perfectly. We await to see the filming but we are told it will be soon,eeeeeekk so exciting. Obviously we are not expecting much in the way of advertisement but hopefully a small mention would be great Laurence.

I have learnt so much over the last 6 months both in business and with setting up a business online and over the next weeks I will talk about the whole process and where next time I would do things differently. At the moment everything just seems positive and the longer we are online the more I learn and the more I want to know. I already have a few ideas of what I want to add to the site and hopefully over the next coming weeks we will see our site and blog develop and blossom.