Goodbye Gorgeous Touch Nuneaton

Soooo…… after 15 months in our larger store in Nuneaton town centre we have sadly closed our doors. Originally we were supposed to be having a closing down sale for a refurb however due to changes in the landlords circumstances the building is now up for sale.

We would just like to take this opportunity to Thank our customers old and new that made our Nuneaton store a success, and to remember that this is not the end of Gorgeous Touch it’s just the beginning of yet another new chapter and you can still shop with us where it all began in our Coventry store and online.

Customers that have placed orders with us do not Panic you can contact us through Gorgeous Touch Coventry and any items that we are holding for customers are in storage until you are ready.

We would also like to Thank all of our staff that helped us with this journey, if it wasn’t for all your help and hard work Gorgeous Touch wouldn’t be what it is ☺️

Here are some highlights of our Nuneaton store, enjoy and stay in touch 😘

Many Thanks,

Claire & Neil


0% Finance Available NOW

Sooo after almost 7 years of trading we have some amazing news! Yes you have already guessed it from the Blog title, we now offer 0% Finance.

So I know that interest free is not everyone’s bag but for those of you that have just brought a new house, have started a renovation project or even if your just having a month that is  a little bit more stretched than normal than this is perfect for you.

So once you have decided what products you would like to purchase, whether it be a Carpet, Curtains, New Bed or Sofa, we would then look at how much you would need to borrow and over what period.

The minimum term is 6 months and maximum 12 months.

The application process takes roughly ten minutes its all computerised and you will have an answer almost immediately unless it is referred to the underwriters.

This process does need to be done in person within one of our Gorgeous Touch stores.

So what do you need to apply? You would just need the following:

  1. Email address.
  2. To be employed with a minimum annual income of £5,000 paid directly into your account.
  3. ID
  4. Bank Details


So to give you an example, if you wanted to purchase our beautiful Crossley Dining Table Set over 12 months and you pay a deposit of £150 then it would be just £70.83 a month.28951388_1859375394126100_3535970790211246209_n

The great thing about our Finance facility is that it comes at no extra charge to you.

For more information then pop into either our Coventry or Nuneaton store and we will be happy to help.

Also whats great is here at Gorgeous Touch we are a one stop shop for your home so we have everything from, Carpets, Curtains, Lighting, Accessories, Pictures, Mirrors and Furniture.




Our Story

So here we are April 2018 and I’m lying in bed writing a blog about where it all began and reminding myself and my customers why we do what we do and how far we have come.

Gorgeous Touch didn’t just happen over night, Gorgeous Touch was the result of Neil and I having several miscarriages… 8 in total and loosing our son Joseph in July 2010. This was a really hard time for us and I was struggling to keep down my job as a dental nurse as I was taking a lot of time off sick with stress.
claire as a dental nurse

Neil and I married in the June 2011 and made the executive decision that when we returned from our honeymoon we would start our own business “Gorgeous Touch”.

Claire and Neil wedding

Gorgeous Touch was never about making money and to be totally honest it’s still not, it was much more than that for us it was something to focus on to help us both through a difficult and challenging time in our lives.

So why Furniture and Accessories? Ever since I was about 3 years old my parents have been in the Furniture trade so I have been dragged to all the trade shows for as long as I can remember and I basically spent my child hood in my parents furniture store so it was part of who I was, it was in my DNA.

When Neil and I first set up we were lucky enough for my parents to let us have a concession within their store in Spon End, Coventry and whilst I was keeping my self busy chasing my dream I was lucky enough that Neil held down a stable job to be able to support me.

In the beginning i focused all my attention on stocking my little concession, for every sale that I did that money would go back into the business to help me to buy more stock….And for every sale I did I would do a little happy dance behind the counter.

The concession was only small and I mainly sold accessories and finishing touches for the home, everything from vases, candles, artificial flowers, lighting, plaques and soft furnishings.

I loved my little concession but after 12 months i had built myself up so much stock that it was time to look at my own premises, that’s when we found our shop on Hearsall Lane.

It was perfect for us but maybe a little big…it was round the corner from my parents shop so my customers wouldn’t have too far to travel when they came looking for me but also meant that if I ever needed help with a delivery etc then my mum and dad were close by.

We got the keys in the December 2012 but couldn’t open the shop till February 2013 as we needed to decorate throughout and create a stock room.

We did all the decorating ourselves even down to painting our display shelves and tables.

Shortly after we got the keys though I found out I was pregnant again, but this time due to all my miscarriages I was under Proffessor Siobhan Quenby at UHCW.

When we opened in The February it was very cold and snowy so the shop was very slow, being a new business I didn’t have a lot of money to advertise so relied on word of mouth, Facebook and I halved the shop with a wedding hire company so we would have people coming in for appointments regularly.

Word soon spread though and our little shop started to get busier, with regular customers which would pop in for a chat week in and week out and I was doing regular craft fairs and pop up shops too to spread awareness of our little business.

In the August 2013 I was serving a customer when my waters broke and I went into premature labour at just 30 weeks. After a traumatic labour which ended up in an emergency C section our daughter was born 10 weeks early and both of us were very poorly.

Lois was born with Meningitis, Jaundice, pneumonia, 2 holes in her heart, and a hernia and I was in HDU with maternal sepsis.


Shortly after lois was born she was whisked away to Birmingham City hospital as there wasn’t enough beds in UHCW.

So we were in seperate hospitals and I didn’t get to meet lois until she was 4 days old.

Lois was in intensive care for 2 weeks and special care for 3 weeks.

Neil took paternity leave and was working in the shop and visiting lois in Birmingham city and me in UHCW.

After 5 weeks lois was discharged from hospital and had made an amazing recovery.

So what did we do with Gorgeous Touch, we kept it open and I brought Lois to work with me every day and sacrificed maternity leave so I could make our business work.

Our regular customers loved popping in to see lois in the shop, and lois loved being a shop baby and was a shop baby up until she was 10 months old.

Gorgeous Touch continued to grow and we had featured in Vogue, Tatler and even on ITV Laurence in Suburbia. We had a board at our local football stadium, Coventry City.

I was still a one man band at this stage as although It was mine and Neil’s business, Neil was holding down a full time job still to support us.

To keep the shop recognized we held regular ladies nights, late night shopping and even had butlers in the buff. Our customers loved our events.

In 2015 we decided to take on a member of staff and our now Coventry manager Kelly started part time.

This was when the shop was starting to evolve from a home accessories store to a Furniture Boutique.

Kelly had a passion for home interiors and even In her job interview she purchased a lamp for her home.

In February 2016 I found out I was pregnant again, this time with my son Billy. Again I was under Proffessor Quenby and spent the next few months in and out of hospital on bed rest.

It was whilst I was pregnant with Billy that I decided to rebrand Gorgeous Touch, changing everything from what we sold, our logo and our style in general.

We went from Shabby Chic to Bling and from pink candy stripes to Black and white.

The shop looked amazing! It was fresh and sleek and was on trend.

Business was going great.

And then in August 2017 I had my son Billy by emergency C section at 37 weeks.

Billy and I were both poorly with sepsis and Billy also had pneumonia.

We were both kept in hospital for 7 days and after 11 days I returned back to work with Billy in tow.

Kelly did a great job of holding the forte in Coventry whilst I was off in hospital not just while I had Billy but throughout the pregnancy when I was in and out of hospital.

Billy was our second shop baby & the customers loved him.

Business was going from strength to strength and then in December 2017 we were given the opportunity to take on a second shop over in Nuneaton.

This was huge news for us and very scary but also an opportunity not to miss!

Although at the time I had a 4 month old baby and a shop to run we decided we were going to go for it.

It took the best part of 3 months to decorate the Nuneaton shop and to sort everything and stock it, we also needed to take on new staff.

The Nuneaton store is at least 4 times the size of the Coventry store so unfortunately we couldn’t be a one man band especially due to the fact that I still had a very young baby so Neil left his full time job and took the plunge to join me in chasing my dream.

We had gone from one shop with two staff too two shops and 9 staff, it was a huge increase and a risk.

In march 2017 we opened our second store Gorgeous Touch Nuneaton in Bond Gate.


Neil ran the Nuneaton store alongside the help of Kara and Gaynor, whilst Kelly and I ran Coventry alongside Jade, Lalla and Nicole.

We had our Opening night in Nuneaton March 8th 2017 with all the team present. It was the first opportunity for us all to work together and we had a great night. The wine was flowing and we had a great turn out with customers both old and new showing support.

The first year has been and gone in Nuneaton and we have had the opportunity to form relationships with some regular loyal customers.

In Coventry we have continued to do what we do best and that’s to help customers as much as we can to create the home of their dreams.

For seven months we did this whilst multi tasking looking after young Billy who was growing cheekier by the day.

Sadly after a couple of months Nicole left to chase her dream job so in Coventry we just had Kelly, Jade and I as Billy left to start childcare too.

We had our first Christmas as a bigger team and both stores looked absolutely beautiful, stunning in-fact. What Kelly had done with the Christmas trees in Coventry was outstanding along with help from Jade and in Nuneaton they had sold out of Christmas decorations by October lol.

Sadly in November 2017 Gorgeous Touch Coventry was broken into. Which after 6 years of trading and having no trouble was really sad, especially for someone to target and independent store just before Christmas too! But this wasn’t to be the only time as 6 weeks later someone drove into our front doors in an attempt to ram-raid the store.

break in gorgeous touch coventry

The problem is something like this feels personal as we have spent years building up the business so it really did upset us for quite some time and sadly we still haven’t had our front doors repaired by the landlord and it’s now been 5 months since the incident.

But as usual we dusted ourselves off cleaned up the mess and we carried on. Carried on working hard as a team.

The business has gone from to strength to strength and after all the bad luck at the end of last year we are finally starting to get ourselves back on track.

In March Kara left Nuneaton to have a baby and we had a new member start our team Emma who specialises in curtains and blinds.

We have now had a new retail system installed so we can be more efficient and we now offer 0% Finance too.

So this is us…..and that is our story!

Hope you have enjoyed reading and finding out who we are and that we are a real hardworking family with a dream!

If your ever thinking about making changes to your home in the future then come down and speak to one of us, we are always happy to help and we offer everything from;







Curtain Poles



Greeting Cards.

50 Shades Of Grey Homes

So for the last few years we saw the grey phase in Home Interior, Grey became the new beige. We saw grey in more than 50 shades and in soooo many homes over the UK. We saw people ripping up their existing beige carpet to replace it with a soft grey and replacing their magnolia painted walls with white or a contrasting shade of grey.

If we were watching Back In Time For Tea in 10 years time looking back at 2017 it would sure to be set in a grey living room.

Whilst grey is OK it can also feel like the safe option and I feel like my Instagram feed is full of homes that are the mirror image of each other.

Sooooo….. why not break up the grey with a vibrant colour? Here at Gorgeous Touch we are passionate about Mustard this season, for us this season Mustard is HOT! We love the contrast of mustard with grey, its cool, on trend and i think it could be the next big thing since Grey on Grey!

So adding mustard into a grey colour scheme is easy and the look can be achieved with soft furnishings such as one of our hand made Merino Wool throws by No Needles.

Merino Wool

These gorgeous Hand Made Merino Wool Chunky knit throws can be made in a huge choice of colours but our fave is definitely the Mustard.

This would look amazing draped over a sofa to add texture or a dining chair or bed.

Also another one of our faves at Gorgeous Touch is our Crossley dining table with the diamond dining chairs, the chairs are available in a choice of 3 colours, we have the safe options the grey and the taupe and then we have the show stopping Mustard or why not mix the grey and the mustard chairs together and be totally unique.–4-diamond-chairs-14407-p.asp

There are many simple ways you can add a splash of colour and the best thing about a bright colour is you don’t need a lot. Sometimes less is more, so whether you choose our fave Mustard or even Blush Pink remember you only need to add the colour with a few statement pieces.

Brand Reps

So a few months ago I received many messages asking me on Instagram whether I wanted to collaborate with other home pages?! So I messaged back a little naive asking what the collaboration would entail.

These were pages with between 10-20,000 followers! So i was told that if I gave them large items such as a Dressing Table or large furniture item then in return they would post pictures for me and push my brand.

Obviously being a small business someone asking me for a Dressing Table made alarm bells ring for me and it completely put me off collaborating or having brand reps as it would cost me less to publish an article in a multi national magazine then to send someone a dressing table.

However I am now over my initial shock and after doing some research I now have a better understanding of what a brand rep entails.

So I am now on the look out for individuals with a passion for Home Interiors with a Home account in-keeping with Gorgeous Touch’s style. This person needs to be active on social media, enthusiastic and up to date with our brand and what we offer.

So what does being a brand rep entail?

Being a Gorgeous Touch brand rep you would be required to take arty photos of a product that we have either gifted to you or you have purchased from us at a discounted price and post it onto your social media platforms.

To be a brand rep you need to be active on social media, so if your last post was 2 weeks ago then, then you would not be a good brand rep candidate.

Brand reps post daily and frequently, the posts are diverse and their galleries are packed  full of unique pictures and posts.

To be the perfect candidate for Gorgeous Touch it would be nice if you have been a previous customer so you have genuinely had first hand experience with Gorgeous Touch so your recommendation comes from genuine experience.


If you think this could be you, then contact me today 

Alternatively you can contact us through our social media platforms:




Gorgeous Touch

9-11 Hearsall Lane







Switch on…Lights

Today we are looking at lighting in the home and how it can really illuminate, open up small spaces and add definition to the atmosphere.

So how can it be done?…

Using he right variety of different lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps or ceiling lights…SIMPLE.  With a variety of lights to choose from you can brighten up any room in your home, we are using and looking at their  wide range of lighting and see what to choose to suit individual style.

Table lamps

If you’re looking to glitz up your home then look no further than the Julienne table lamp!


This lamp can be used in either a bedroom or lounge and would be a perfect addition to all styles. The mirrored edges and embellishments in the crystals gives the Julienne Lamp lots of sparkle to bounce light around any room. This table lamp is elegant with a quirky detail, which is a piece I would like for my home to add some extra style.

Diamond Border

A more affordable lamp is the Crystal range diamond lamp. This is a popular style of lamp, adding a bit of glam yet still being more subtle. With its chunky square diamonds and mirrored boarder, this modern lamp will reflect light in a hallway or can be matched up with the full collection such as the diamond boarder mirror or picture frame to brighten up any room.


If you are looking for a lamp to add a bit more colour then look no further than The Beaumont table lamp. This gorgeous lamp comes in six colours so finding the right colour for your room should be no bother at all, be brave and use red or pink to help make a room pop. This classy lamp is beautiful with its added glass crystals to reflect light around the room. Best of all you can match the table lamp with the excellent choice of Chandelier or Floor lamp to match.


As I am not for all things sparkly, I like the Chrome illusion lamp as it is very unique and quirky. When the light is on it becomes slightly transparent giving a subtle look. This would be perfect in a living room or bedroom that already has a great focal point. This quirky lamp comes in silver or gold and gives beautiful mood lighting and matching the lamp up with the illusion floor lamp will really give an effective style.

With many other glamorous lamps to add some shine to your home such as Caithness table lamp, Crushed diamond table lamp or Spencer bedside lamp.


Ceiling lights

With a mixture of styles to choose from there are many chandeliers which are all beautiful and elegant like the Belgravia chandelier black or the Vegas chandelier. My personal favourite is the 14 arm chandelier because it’s a statement piece made with thousands of tiny crystals to give a gorgeous effect making the light sparkle. Available in black for more atmosphere lighting or clear to shine all around the room, this big bold piece would look luxurious above a elegant dining table.

14 Arm Chandelier


The Black Henley chandelier is a smaller alternative if you are looking for something more affordable and not as dramatic. This chandelier still has the glamorous look to it, yet it is more subtle and would look beautiful in a bedroom or smaller area of your home.

Henley Chandelier in Black

As I am into more quirky styling, I like The bulb shaped chandelier. This is a great fashion piece with its design to look like a giant bulb. This light really sets the atmosphere with its decorative wire to add definition and style. bulb

To give your home more glamour then look no further than the caged chandelier or galaxy ceiling light which will bounce light around any room with the crystal droplets and chrome finish.





Floor lamps

Floor lamps are a great use of space and provide some striking light, modern pieces are crushed diamondvery fashionable to create a luxurious feel. Adding bling to a room can reflect lots of light around the room. The crushed diamond floor lamp is a popular product, as sparkles are admired by many. This floor lamp can be used as a single statement piece or joined with other matching products such as the crushed diamonds square wall clock.


To add a more personal touch add quirkiness to your home look no further than The black mosaic floor standing lamp really gives something different with the base made up of black mosaic pieces making each piece individual. I personally like this floor lamp black mosaicas it stands out from traditional styles, with its black shade the lighting can be quite dimmed to set the mood.

If your look for a more affordable lamp there are more traditional styles with added glitz such as Beaumont 4 light floor lamp or The Caithness floor lamp which will bounce light around the room with its beautiful glass crystal droplets.

Ranging from different prices and various styles to choose from, there’s products for everyone’s home at

Crushed Velvet

Here at Gorgeous Touch we have seen an upturn in the amount of Crushed Velvet products sold. We spoke to Kara one of our sale assistants to tell us why:

As one of the most popular fabrics today, Crushed velvet can really give your home the Essex look. It has a two tone effect and soft feel. This fabric is a glamorous and stylish design that can be seen on varied furniture from sofas to beds and fireside chairs. You can truly make your home feel luxurious.

Here is some of what we offer:

Demmi Chesterfield sofa


This sofa comes in a variety of crushed velvets, from grey colours such as ‘Night’ and ‘Pewter’ to lighter tones such as ‘Mecury’, ‘Flint’ or ‘Charm’. These colours in Crushed Velvet can really open up room space and brighten the area. Some people looking for more colour to make a statement, ‘Amethyst’ is a beautiful purple tone to make the room pop.

The Demmi Chesterfield comes with many options such as; Diamantes Buttons or even Studs to add your own Gorgeous Touch to it.

This is my favourite style of furniture as you can make your home feel more personalised due to it being bespoke made.


Elizabeth Bed frame 


Finding a luxurious bed can be difficult whether you have little room or trouble matching colours together. From many styles of bed frames to choose from, you will always find something perfect for your bedroom at The Elizabeth Bed frame is one of the more popular bed frames, the Elizabeth gives a very glamorous feel to your bedroom but at a really reasonable price. The Elizabeth Bed frame does not take up any extra space as there are no large wings or sleigh style headboard or footend so is perfect for those limited with space.

You can choose from seven different crushed velvet colours. ‘Silver’ and ‘Black’ are the most fashionable colours but there are more vibrant colours available such as pinks, reds and purple such as ‘heather’.

With the Elizabeth Bed Frame, you can bling it up with some diamantes or keep a more simple look with buttons but either way the bedframe will look simply gorgeous.

I believe this bed frame is one of the most affordable styles without looking inexpensive, it is also my favourite piece for the bedroom as the bed is the main feature of the room.

Fireside wing chair


Having your own personal seat in front of the log fire can be relaxing. The Fireside chair in crushed velvet can give an extra bit of glam without being too overwhelming. Available in a number of colours, ranging from subtle tones to greens and blues such as ‘Apple’ or ‘Midnight’, with the additional option for diamantes or buttons.

I love the idea of having a Fireside Chair, as it can also be used in the bedroom or conservatory. This particular fireside chair can be tweeked to your measurements so it can be a great additional chair if space is limited or if it is required to fit in a certain room. Call 02476716415 for further information.

More than 50 shades of cream carpet….

Choosing a floor can be one of the hardest choice to make for any room. I often see couples perplexed trying to decide what shade of cream carpet they should have from a choice of 100’s, literally there will be samples galore of the same colour cream lying on the floor. Gorgeous Home Living

GHL Entrance
GHL Entrance
have 100’s of choices of cream carpet and if that is what you are after then their helpful staff will guide you to the exact shade you are looking for.

Choosing a carpet has become more about the science behind the sample. The emergence of a hard wearing bleech cleanable man made material called Polypropylene (polyprop) has made the manufacturer of carpets become alot cheaper with carpets retailing from £5 a square meter and a quality 80% wool 20% polyprop (80/20) being around the £20 mark. The mix of wool and polyprop really makes a carpet that can stand the test of time. Thankfully Gorgeous Home Living have more than just cream in their showroom.

A popular choice and one that really stands out is a luxury vinyl floor (LVT) such as Karndean Design Floors. Made from vinyl but glued down the finish of a vinyl floor coupled with a great choice of design fools you into thinking you have either a real sold wooden floor or ceramic tiles fitted. Being a low maintenance hard wearing flooring material LVT has become the number one choice for kitchen and bathroom fitters as unlike laminates you can mop / soak an LVT floor without fear of damage. Gorgeous Home Living have become a Gold retailer of Karndean and work closely with the best fitters locally.
Examples of Karndean Flooring:


With over 5 ranges to choose from and nearly 70 colours and styles within each range you will surely find the exact flooring you are looking for. Thankfully the trained staff at are technically trained and experienced enough to know what flooring works best where.

With the choice of materials, colours and styles ever increasing it is difficult to find the most suitable flooring whilst also matching your colour pallet, all you need to do is pop in store at Gorgeous Home Living and see examples of what a great floor can do to a room. You need no longer be stuck looking at 50 shades of cream carpet, let the staff open your eyes to something different and guide you to what best fits for you.

The Look without The Cost

In the current economic climate we have more customers that want to achieve an interior designer look without the interior designer price. Finding bold statement pieces of furniture or accessories normally comes with a huge price tag.

As bold statement pieces of furniture goes you cannot find better than Coach House, a company that is sum ominous with interior designers throughout the UK. We have often bumped into and met some of the more well known TV personality interior designers when we visit their show room. Coach House bring designer pieces that really make a bold statement, often made by hand and carved to perfection using the best materials available they really do stand out. We currently sell a number of Coach House lines at as you can see the quality and design bring along a high sale price but we have been able to source a supplier that is able to achieve a designer look without faltering on quality and brings along a much more money savvy price tag.

An example is the classic design French Armoire wardrobe, styled on furniture from the late 1700’s during the reign of Louis XIV where style was characterised by free curves and decorative work was influenced from Chinese art.
A full mirrored Armoire from Coach House will cost £1249 French Armoire
Where as our interpretation piece styled from the same era is only £699 French Armoire

A hand carved bed from the Coach House collection as a standard double (4.6ft) sells at £849 French Bed

The interpretation piece is only £550 French Bed

If only choosing these 2 pieces you would have saved £849 whilst still obtaining the look, style and bold statement associated with these Louis XIV inspired bedroom pieces. For more from both suppliers please check out

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